Sunday, February 17, 2013

Who Am I?

Welcome to the Digital Representation of my Consciousness

I don't quite know what misfortunes of the universe has sent you in the direction of this blog, but here it is at long last. This blog has been sitting in my taskbar in Google Chrome for a good week, or maybe even more. It could have been procrastination, but when your tabs look like this...

...your knowledge of the contents of each tab becomes forgotten. A few of those tabs I don't remember opening. Yes, I have a problem. Well, I have many, and you're sure to hear very many of them if you decide to follow this blog.

I'm a procrastinator with issues allocating the importance of certain tasks. In more simple terms, I put the wrong tasks first and the more important tasks last. In even simpler terms, "OMG i cant dcide wht 2 do 1st!" Which is probably why I look hobo-ish at the moment, taking more priority in enjoying my time between filling out applications than how I look, thus, my scruffy appearance.

For the purpose of imagery, you may imagine this...

I'm an artist in my own eyes, and what that means to you is that I've cobbled together weird habits and tastes that you assume "artist" is my excuse. Well, while much of the former form of that assumption is correct, I am, in fact, an attempting artist. You'll, no doubt, be subjected to what I do on this little blog.

Spray Paint prints of a raven skull for Secret Satan

Speaking of my posts, they will be frequently varying in frequency and type. I may be posting amusing pictures if I feel like I've spammed FaceBook too much for one day.
Tangent: I do have a Facebook and Twitter, but no Tumblr. Please don't ask.
I may also be posting my thoughts and angst for the day, but it won't be all bitching. I may even post some dilemmas as far as story ideas and maybe even excerpts or even standalone dialogue that I've spat to myself in wandering my household.

So who am I and why should you pay attention to what I have to say? Simple. I'm no one. I'm the guy in the coffee shop that sits alone in the booth and ponders, the one who is so deep in thought he has yet to realize he hasn't even left home and is not even in that coffee shop. I'm the one who prefers to hide in his mind. I end up overthinking and garnishing my words with far too articulate a language that puts people off when all I truly want is recognition. Such a contradiction. Upon your first impression, I'm an introvert who really breaks into conversation at the drop of a hat, but is much more eloquent when he sits down and thinks. Unfortunately, in conversation, that often leaves me behind if I spend too much time considering.
So how the hell did this happen???

So, what will end up being posted on this board? Stories about my day, mostly, in which I failed to really think on the spot. Or I'll brag to you that I succeeded to trounce my compatriots with my own brilliance on the spot. And that is a rare instance of conceit. My confidence, thanks to self criticism and outside influence, has been double-tapped and thrown into the river. 

I could continue on with what else I may share with you all, but why ruin the mystery?

For my closing, I'll leave you all with a posting of this blogger in his natural habitat while still outside his comfort zone by attempting to bring his voice above the natural key.

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